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Can you believe jr is learning how to talk? She loves saying the Bwun’s name – and trust me, it’s clear that’s what she’s saying. For almost a month now! She also likes trying to repeat animal names. Want proof? Sorry, I don’t have any.

When I was doing reading for my inequality class recently, I came across the word perquisite. You probably already know this word. I had only heard the slang term perk. Call me slow for not knowing the real word already, but it was a fun discovery!



Guys, I may die. (Not really.) I’ve never felt so busy in my life, except maybe last semester. What was I thinking, doing school full-time right now?!

(I probably thought it was a shame not to finish when we’re living right here in Provo and we’re poor enough that I can go to school for free. And stuff like that. But…so busy.)

That being the case, I can’t think of a lot of blog topics aside from this. It may be even longer between posts (gasp!). I’ll keep writing about my art class, and my adorable kids, and the few books I read over the summer. Other than that, you probably won’t hear much from me.

For your enjoyment in the meantime:


I’m nothing if not a follower. I recently saw this amazing dip-dye look and had to do something similar.

Sorry, Mom, but I put purple in my hair.

(Well, more accurately, I paid someone competent to put purple in my hair. And I love it.)


Right now I’m with the Romgi’s family (though, sadly, not the Romgi) at a reunion in Tahoe. Aside from the slightly-un-baby-proofed house, it’s relaxing and enjoyable to be here. I wish I had an exciting story to tell you, or pictures to show, or even a general update on life. Sorry, no. It’s been pretty dull for the past few weeks (you may have noticed) and I’m actually hoping for another week or two of quiet boredom before school starts again. Until then, don’t expect to hear much from me – I’ll be making the most of my summer vacation.


I admit, birthdays are just not as much fun when you’re a grownup. It’s not a free do-anything-you-want day; I still had to change dirty diapers and deal with fussy kids and clean up the house. Actually, I didn’t go to bed the night before my birthday – I stayed up to bake the cake and clean the kitchen. Since our Harry Potter movie marathon, the house sort of fell apart, and it needed my help.

Since I feel indifferent (at best) about my birthday, I decided to try a casual join-us-for-cake gathering with a few friends. I’m not a huge fan of being the center of attention during a more formal present-opening party, so a smaller group seemed ideal. And I always love an excuse to make that delicious chocolate pumpkin cake. This time, we went for a pinkish lavender frosting instead of orange; I got these tall candles (not at all the color in the picture, by the way) and decorated the house with lavender streamers and balloons, which the Romgi kindly provided. (jr even matched the polka dot balloons. It was adorable.) Take a look:

In a nod to the Bwun’s mustache party, I added a bow to my portrait:

Our apartment is very oddly constructed, and the streamers stop at a 2-inch lip in the ceiling. Some old tenants stopped by last month for a stroll down memory lane, and they told the Romgi that the living room used to be a bedroom with a wall where that lip is. The wall was later knocked down, obviously, but the odd construction stayed. It kind of drives me crazy. On a different note, on the back wall you can see our newest art addition – a piece I commissioned (I sound so grownup!) from my neighbor Bridget. You can see a closeup here.

Now, about the cake. It has two layers that have to cool completely before the frosting goes on, and while that could easily be done if you had a real oven, I had to make the layers separately the night before. (I planned to leave plenty of time during the day for cleaning, but instead I cleaned all night.) The Romgi took care of the frosting and ganache; while he went to grab some dinner before dessert, I let the Bwun sit in the middle of the kitchen with the chocolate-covered spatula. Then, for whatever reason – let’s say lack of sleep leading to lack of good judgment – I went to take a picture of the balloons and streamers. When I came back into the kitchen, this is what I saw:

Yep, I seriously left my two-year-old in the same room as my birthday cake. After the initial shock, I decided to find it amusing. And thankfully the Bwun only got to that one side of the cake. I wish I’d thought to get a picture of the cake with candles; it looked really fun with the lights out, glowing like a real birthday cake.

You know what’s nice? The recipe only calls for 1 cup of canned pumpkin, which means I have a lot of extra pumpkin – and I’m thinking of making another cake. This one was enthusiastically eaten by our guests (and me, of course), and I might as well invite a friend or two back over while the house is still clean.

One more note…I made really cool invitations for the gathering. Recently I’ve been more and more impressed with the things I come up with. Maybe my expectations have just lowered? Regardless, I sent them all out before taking a picture, but maybe I’ll make one more just so I can show you. They were pretty spectacular, in their own small way.


To begin with, I’m not entirely convinced that we can use “crafty” to mean “proficient at creating crafts.” I still think of it as, you know, sneaky.

That being said, it has been largely appropriated as a term denoting creativity. Which is why I feel like it’s excusable to use it in that sense. I want to show you a few more projects I might do, if I’m ever in a crafty mood.

Honeycomb storage shelves. I don’t think we actually have anywhere to put these, or enough decorative Things to fill the shelves up. But I love love Love hexagons right now.

Recovering a car seat. No, I don’t have a sewing machine. No, I don’t really know anything about sewing.

Suminagashi for kids. Have you ever tried paper marbling? I do remember doing it in my 11th grade art class, but we did an end-paper style – I like the modern shapes here.

Painting with leaves. Um, is it rude if I think I could make a way cooler painting than this?

Birds pillow cover. Technically, this is for sale on Etsy for $55.50. I can probably sew a square pillow cover, and I can definitely cut out some cute little birds and stitch them on. The Romgi is a big fan of this project.

Stamped springerle cookies. (Image 12 of 14) Unfortunately, this requires a bigger oven than I have. Anyone want to make cookies?

Fabric scrap placemats. Truth be told, I have something against placemats. Nothing against colorful geometric patterns, though. But, once again, this project calls for the use of a sewing machine…

Heirloom cut chenille baby blanket. Another sewing project. So clever, though – you put layers of flannel backing, trim between the stitching, and then toss it in the wash. It frays the fabric, making a faux chenille. Imagine all the color combinations and fun fabrics you could use.

Which crafty project would you want to do?


But first, good news: our kitchen has stayed clean for over a week! Maybe a week and a half by now! It turns out that if I have headphones in while I wash dishes after the kids are in bed, it’s almost like time to myself. A tiny glimmer of self-discipline – how exciting!

Aside from that, though, I feel distinctly blah and uninspired today, and you probably noticed that I haven’t written in a while. I simply have nothing interesting to say.

What would you like to hear? I’ve read quite a few new books recently, but don’t feel up to writing reviews yet. And nothing much else has happened. Maybe I’ll write an update on the kids for you – with pictures? Let’s not be too optimistic.