Weekly cookie jar

I admit, I’m not super enthusiastic about this collection. But maybe you’ll find something you like. And if not, at least I’ve gotten these out and can start collecting new cookies now!

Spark Bag from Carried Away Bags { $32 }

Pink Baby Shoes from Lippy Lou Shoes { $23 }

Grand Gold Flag Pillow from Annily Green { $45 }

282-Carat Labradorite Pendant from Ruth Butler { $349 }

Plumbago via flickr

Hand-carved Le Petit Prince stamps via flickr

Faceted Iceberg (original) from Jeremy Miranda { $500 }

Amethyst print from The Pairabirds { $20 }

Dino Rubber Stamp Set from Wee Gallery { $32 }

Hedgerow Necklace from Joanna Rutter { $120 }

Maison suspendue de Babylone print from Movezerb { $12 }

Irish Lace Crochet Necklace from Nothing But String { $40 }

Almost Wonderland Dress from idea2lifestyle { $59 }

Bocote Uno Ring from Sticks & Stones { $85 }

Glowing Aqua Chalcedony Necklace from Lea Marie Designs { $52 }


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