Weekly cookie jar

Whale Tissue Holder by Gnome Sweet Gnome

Blowfish “Nice” Floral Flats from Ruche

Birds on a Wire Plexiroid from Grant Hamilton

ABC Animals Deluxe Pillow from mymimi

Mara Hoffman Faux Wrap Skirt from Les Pommettes

Cocorico Cooker from Hip From Holland

Polaroid Scarf from Philippe Roucou

Sun Umbrella le Pixel from Top 3 by Design

Constellations of the Northern Hemisphere from Little Bright Studio

Hydrangea Cluster Necklace from Patrick Irla Jewelry


2 thoughts on “Weekly cookie jar

  1. KHL says:

    I liked the colorful and the monotone. I especially liked the flats, but not $40 worth. And I guess nobody had thoughts about your tree print. I couldn’t even decide if I liked it or not!

  2. […] heavenly blessings for loving her crazy family. She is an incredibly talented stamp-maker, has a “weekly cookie jar” and writes about life in general.  To officially “accept” my award, I must now tell […]

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