iCrime Wave

I was just about to log off of this lab computer and head to class when I pulled up engadget.com for a quick look. And there was an article that you all need to read.

Think tank pins Apple’s iPod as possible culprit for increase in violent crime

Please, tell me that you agree with me. It’s absurd, right?


2 thoughts on “iCrime Wave

  1. romgi says:

    i think people need to understand that correlation and causality are not the same thing.

  2. Katie says:

    it’s all part of Steve Jobs’ evil plan to take over the world!!! I think my favorite part of the article was when they said, “consumers should demand technologies that would render stolen gadgets useless”. Mmm-hmmm. Go ahead and show me that one without fingerprinting devices and a lot more of my deflated dollars going into it…

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