Bearded dragon arm wave

This isn’t our bearded dragon, but the action is exactly the same. At first we thought Remington was doing it because he was perched right under the heat lamp and the log was hot, but apparently it’s a form of communication – though no one is quite sure what they’re trying to say.

Cool, huh?


4 thoughts on “Bearded dragon arm wave

  1. the romgi says:

    so… i’m pretty sure i heard mu chirp yesterday…

  2. lindbrothers says:

    That bearded dragon puppet sure does look realistic! And it waves JUST like the Queen!!!!!!!
    –Aunnnnnnnnnnnnt Devon

  3. Anonymous says:

    aww look at the little baby!
    P.S. its not a good idea to house your dragons together….=/

  4. Roni says:

    anonymous: the video clip is from youtube, it isn’t my dragon. I have a bearded dragon in one cage and a water dragon in another. I do know how to take care of them… :)

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