bridal shower? not so much

kimberlee, who hosted the bridal shower, sent out 50 invitations. unfortunately, she didn’t send them out until late last week, and with finals coming up, I understand that a lot of people are busy with school. but…of the 10 people that came today, only 2 were not relatives or roommates. kind of disappointing. still, it was fun, and I had to stuff my mouth full of marshmallows. yuck.

so I was fairly let down, since it seemed like none of my friends even bothered to rsvp. after we finished cleaning up I went and cried to jarom for a long time, hung out with krista, and then went on a date with jarom to color me mine. i painted a scalloped bowl and jarom painted a soup-mug sort of thing. it made me feel much better to be productive and creative.

and, after all, it’s only 3 weeks until the big day!


One thought on “bridal shower? not so much

  1. 'sposita says:

    I’m sorry I couldn’t be another warm body in the room – but that seems pretty standard for a BYU bridal shower. Don’t take it too personally. =)

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