general conference april 2006

all got together at our place yesterday for breakfast and good old-fashioned conference fun, then today jarom and I went up to his grandma’s in salt lake. I offered to drive, which was good because it meant that I got up on time (even though jarom overslept). yummy breakfast, and ravioli for late dinner; then in the evening besta and jarom & I played monopoly. I won the first game. completely. I put everybody else out. so, so awesome. but on the second game I went out first. they got smarter. and I did have really good luck the first time.

I think my favorite talk was from this afternoon, president faust’s talk about the race horse and how we can become extraordinary people. good times.

now I’m super tired — no nap, I stayed awake for more than 14 hours straight (14 normal hours, I should point out) — and bed sounds lovely. I’ll put on the winter sonata soundtrack and just relax. mmm.


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