This week for my inequality class we read some writings by Marx, Weber, and Durkheim. I’d just like to say that sometimes classics are more interesting when you have CliffsNotes, and less interesting when you have to read the classics themselves.

Sorry, world.

P.S. I also have a lot of trouble following the plot in black & white movies. Think there’s a connection?

Cookie jar

Row 1: journal / book covers / print

Row 2: print / brooch / book

Row 3: illustration / bowl / rug

Row 4: bag / shoes / shawl

Row 5: diamond / print / necklace

Row 6: shirt / necklace / print


Last night was miserable. After we got the kids in bed (by the way, this routine of putting them down at 7pm is working wonderfully), I sat down to do homework. I spent several hours on it without feeling like I was making progress or understanding the material. I wound up worn out, hungry, and on the verge of shutting down thanks to a massive headache. What else to do but consider myself a failure?

(This is interesting because lately I’ve moved away from the idea of failure. A lot of people are afraid of failing {myself included}, but I’d realized that for most of life, failing isn’t such a big deal. There’s a lot of wiggle room. When I get tired, though, I don’t think as rationally.)

The Romgi was so nice. He kept offering to go out and get some Dunfords for me, which I refused partly because I’m trying to eat less junk food and partly because in my miserable state I felt like I didn’t deserve the happiness that comes from donuts. (Truly sad!) I finally fell asleep, and when the kids woke up this morning, the Romgi got up with them – even though he’s been home sick with a sinus infection. He let me sleep in until 10am! Is that guy considerate or what?

And for your viewing pleasure:


Can you believe jr is learning how to talk? She loves saying the Bwun’s name – and trust me, it’s clear that’s what she’s saying. For almost a month now! She also likes trying to repeat animal names. Want proof? Sorry, I don’t have any.

When I was doing reading for my inequality class recently, I came across the word perquisite. You probably already know this word. I had only heard the slang term perk. Call me slow for not knowing the real word already, but it was a fun discovery!


I was really, honestly shocked to learn last night that I’m apparently a quiet person. The Romgi was really, honestly shocked that I didn’t know that. Is he right? Am I quiet?

Delicate by Christine Lindstrom


Guys, I may die. (Not really.) I’ve never felt so busy in my life, except maybe last semester. What was I thinking, doing school full-time right now?!

(I probably thought it was a shame not to finish when we’re living right here in Provo and we’re poor enough that I can go to school for free. And stuff like that. But…so busy.)

That being the case, I can’t think of a lot of blog topics aside from this. It may be even longer between posts (gasp!). I’ll keep writing about my art class, and my adorable kids, and the few books I read over the summer. Other than that, you probably won’t hear much from me.

For your enjoyment in the meantime: